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How to order online

  1. Search for items by code or using the search menus
  2. Click on the "add to basket" option to go to the item's order page
  3. On the order page you can check prices, stock availability and next arrival dates for stock, and spare items.
  4. To place an order - enter the quantity to order in the Qty text box and click on "add to basket". Do this for all the items you wish to order
  5. Once done, click on view basket, and go to "place order" to enter in your order details and submit the order
  6. The online order is emailed to a Radiant sales consultant who will process the order and confirm it with you.
    • Please ensure that you confirm items, quantities and prices once the order is processed.

Viewing order history online

  1. Click on "Order History" from the menu bar, left on the page.
    • This shows the web order number, your order number, Radiant SO number, number of items on order, Total excl VAT, delivery type, delivery date
    • This displays your web orders orders that have been processed by Radiant - i.e.: confirmed web orders.
    • Please take note that this function will not display the actual order you placed using this web ordering facility, but rather the order as captured by a Radiant representative.
  2. Click on the "Radiant SO number" to view the order details: invoice no, item, config, colour, description, order qty, amount (including applicable discounts, excl vat), delivered qty and remaining qty.
  • You can use the order history to check that your orders have been placed and that the correct items have been ordered; check the item and order totals, and check on the delivery status.

Having problems using the order facilities? Cant find prices? Cant order products?

Important information

  1. End of range items
    1. Any item marked with a * in the item description is an end of range item, meaning it is to be discontinued once stock is sold out
    2. Please contact you nearest Radiant office/Radiant Rep to enquire on availability
  2. Manufacturing items
    1. Any item marked with a # in the item code: These items are manufactured on order.
    2. Delivery time is approximately two weeks, depending on component availability - please confirm orders with a Radiant sales consultant
  3. Stock items::: The Due-In field refers to the estimated arrival of the next shipment
  4. Box quantity order discount
    • please take note that a 3% discount is available when ordering the box qty quantity per item.
    • This offer is limited to Radiant's lighting fixtures and electrical products (with a box qty greater than 1 unit) and not lamps.  
  5. Prices
    1. Prices displayed are Radiant's list price, and do not take into account any account related discounts.
    2. Specials and customer discounts are not displayed on the web site
    3. Order prices and totals will be confirmed with order confirmation from a Radiant sales consultant
  6. Stock availability is an indication only.
    • Stock level indicators differ by category, but as a guideline:
      1. -- there are more than 150 units
      2. -- between 0 and 150 units
      3. -- no stock available
    • Stock availability will be confirmed with order confirmation from a Radiant sales consultant
  7. Every attempt is made to update information on a daily basis. However, please check and confirm all order details once order confirmation is received
  8. Please take note that information displayed on this web site is update in 24-hour cycles