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Technical Drawings

Technical Drawings


12v TF track and accessories
CodeClassIPQC12v Lamp/sDescriptionColour/s


Satin chrome
TF001 0000 Mounting bracket • 50mm 
TF002 0000 Mounting bracket • 600mm 
TF00332021 Connector • conductive • 12v 
TF00432021 Connector • conductive deco • 12v 
TF00632021Power feed • 50mm ∅ 115mm • 12v 
TF00732021Power feed • 600mm ∅ 115mm • 12v 
TF008 0000 End cap  
TF00932021 Adaptor • with female jack • 12v 
TF10032021Flexible track • 1 metre • 12v 25amp 
TF200X#12021 200va 12v/230v toroidal • ∅ 200mm 
Manufactured items are marked with #: lead time 2 weeks, please confirm with supplier